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  • Glutes & Core Pilates Sculpt

    Equipment: light ankle weights, band
    This 47 minute Pilates sculpt class is perfect if you’re looking to strengthen your glutes and core. We spend most of our time down on the mat working through a bridge series, side series, and four point kneeling series to really hit all areas of our glutes. T...

  • Express Lengthening Pilates Booty

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    We focus on slow, gentle Pilates movements to lengthen and sculpt your glutes in this 16 minute quickie. This slow burn is one of my favorites and amazing for all levels. Feel free to do with or without ankle weights. Enjoy xx

  • Legs, Abs & Booty Pilates Sculpt with Ankle Weights

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    This 45 minute low impact class focuses on stretching while toning your glutes, core, and legs. You’ll find an emphasis on mind body connection in this Pilates sculpt workout as we take time to carefully warm up the core and glutes to prepare us for a spicy table...

  • Standing Mini Ball Legs & Glutes

    Equipment: Pilates Mini Ball
    Fire up your glutes with this quick standing series using just the Pilates mini ball. I love this series for getting deep into your lower body, specifically the glutes. This workout is short, but spicy! Enjoy xx

    Mils Method Radio: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2c...

  • Glutes & Abs Pilates with Ankle Weights

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    This class format is one of my all time favorites. In 35 minutes we focus on sculpting the core and glutes while lengthening throughout the entire body. There is no cardio or standing work in today’s class, you can expect to stay down on your mat the entire time ...

  • Legs & Glutes Strength Circuit

    Equipment: 15lb dumbbells, band, bench
    In this circuit style workout we focus on strengthening just the glutes and legs working in 50 second intervals with 15 seconds of rest between exercises. We start out with a longer warmup focusing on opening up the hips and turning on the glutes for ultimat...

  • Resistance Band Cardio Pilates Booty

    Equipment: optional resistance band
    This sweaty workout combines elements of mat pilates, sculpt, and cardio intervals to give your body an amazing workout. We focus on toning the lower body in this 32 minute class, specifically using the resistance band to sculpt your glutes. This class is not l...

  • Abs & Lower Body Pilates Flow

    Equipment: none
    In this 40 minute low impact Pilates flow we focus on sculpting the core, legs and glutes. This class is heavy on exercises strengthening the deep core, breath work, and mind body connection. This workout is a great reset for when you need to shift your energy and destress. No equ...

  • 34 Minute Lower Body Strength Circuit

    Equipment: 10lb dumbbells, band
    In this sweaty circuit style workout we use heavier weights to tone and strengthen the legs and glutes. This workout moves through two circuits and finishes with a booty band burnout. All the moves in this workout are some of my all time favorite leg day staples. I...

  • Lower Body Pilates

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    In this 26 minute mat Pilates class we focus on toning the legs and glutes, with a little bit of core work in the mix as well. This class is low impact, yet still spicy. Expect to get in some nice stretching, while strengthening your entire lower body and leave t...

  • 10 Minute Pilates Booty Burn

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    In this 10 minute mat Pilates quickie we focus on just burning out the glutes. This class is great to do when you’re short on time or just want to get in a little bit of movement. I love pairing this class with an incline walk or doing this series after taking my...

  • Glutes & Abs Strength Circuit

    Equipment: 15lb dumbbells, 5lb dumbbell, band
    In this 33 minute circuit style workout we use slightly heavier weights to strengthen the glutes and tone the abs. This class flies by as we work in 45/15 second intervals and end with a booty and ab burnout. This class does not include cardio and is ...

  • Lower Body & Abs Pilates Sculpt

    Equipment: ankle weights, 5lb dumbbells
    This low impact mat Pilates class focuses on toning and strengthening the abs, legs, and glutes. We move through a spicy warm up, mat Pilates ab series, standing leg series, and finish with one of the favorite table top Pilates glutes series. Enjoy xx

  • 38 Minute Lower Body Strength

    Equipment: band, 10lb dumbbells, 30lb dumbbell (or a weight that's a tad more challenging for you when doing hip thrusts!)
    This workout is focused on building strength in the lower body using slightly heavier dumbbells. Don't expect any fancy or crazy moves here—this workout is based on basic exe...

  • Beginner Friendly Pilates Booty

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    This class is amazing for all levels–whether it’s your first mat Pilates class or you’re just looking to get in some quick movement for the day. I filmed this workout with just my bodyweight and felt amazing afterwards, but if you’d like to spice it up add your l...

  • Lengthening Abs & Booty Pilates

    Equipment: band, ankle weights
    In this 37 minute chill Pilates workout we use a band to get deep in the glutes with a side body and bridge series, followed by mat Pilates abs and a table top series with ankle weights to burn out the glutes. This class moves slow and is great for days when you nee...

  • 45 Min Lower Body Cardio Pilates Sculpt

    Equipment: 5lb weights, towel/slider, band
    This workout is perfect for toning the lower body while getting in a good sweat. Expect to move through a mat Pilates warm up, standing slider series to strengthen the legs and glutes, then end with a banded bridge series while including quick cardio bur...

  • 36 Min Abs & Booty Pilates

    Equipment: optional booty band
    This class is the perfect Pilates flow for all levels. We lengthen the body while toning the glutes and abs in this slow low impact 36 minute mat Pilates burn. Enjoy xx

  • 27 Minute Abs & Booty Pilates

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    In this low impact 27 minute pilates flow we focus on toning the glutes and abs with traditional mat pilates abs and a spicey table top booty series. This workout can be done with or without ankle weights and is great for all fitness levels!

  • 15 Minute Pilates Booty

    Equipment: none
    In this quickie we work through a table top series isolating various parts of the glutes and finish with a bridge burnout. You will definitely feel the burn in this 15 minute class! Feel free to add light ankle weights if you have them. Enjoy xx

  • Slow 30 Minute Lower Body Pilates

    Equipment: none!
    This workout is great for all fitness levels! We focus on toning the legs and glutes with simple & effective mat Pilates series that are sure to make you feel the burn. This 30 minute class can be done with no equipment or using light ankle weights.

  • 30 Minute Lower Body Cardio Strength

    Equipment: 10lb dumbbells, band, ankle weights
    In this 30 minute sweaty strength class we work circuit style in 40/20 intervals to focus on strengthening the legs and glutes. We work through 2 different strength circuits and finish with a little Pilates booty burnout (my personal favorite). These...

  • Pilates Booty Band Burn

    Equipment: booty band
    In this 28 minute Pilates workout we focus on toning the glutes with one of my favorite tools: the booty band. This workout can be done without equipment, but I do like the extra burn that a fabric band provides. This workout is low impact and suitable for all levels. Enjoy!

  • 30 Minute Butt & Abs Pilates Flow

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    In this low impact pilates flow we focus on toning just the glutes and abs. I love taking up the intensity with light ankle weights on this one, but they definitely aren't required. This flow has no cardio and is easy on the joints! Enjoy xx