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  • 40 Minute Full Body Pilates Sculpt

    Equipment: 3lb handweights
    This is our Mils Method classic Pilates Sculpt class. This workout is low impact without any cardio, but still makes you sweat. We move through a spicy standing leg series, abs, and a table top Pilates booty series to shape and tone the peach. Build full body strength, ...

  • Full Body Low Impact Pilates Flow

    Equipment: optional ankle weights
    This class is a laid back, feel good flow that is great if you’re in the mood to just move your body, get in some stretching, and feel a little burn. Expect to move through a table top booty series, mat Pilates abs, and finish with a sculpting arm burnout. I am u...

  • Full Body Pilates with Mini Ball

    Equipment: Mini Ball
    In this low impact 34 minute class we focus on taking movements slow and utilizing the Pilates mini ball to get super deep into the glutes and core, while also toning the arms, legs, and inner thighs. I highly recommend this class if you’re looking to build core strength! Enj...

  • 25 Min Full Body Pilates Flow

    Equipment: none!
    This class is a classic 25 minute mat Pilates flow that is amazing for all levels. I am using only bodyweight for this class, but feel free to use light ankle weights. I love to do this workout when traveling or just when I need lengthen and reset. Enjoy xx

    Shop equipment, activ...

  • Full Body Cardio Strength 002

    Equipment: 10lb dumbbells
    In this workout we combine full body strength exercises with quick cardio bursts to get in a great sweat while strengthening and toning the entire body. We move through 2 cardio strength circuits and finish with a booty band series and Ab burnout–my favorite. Enjoy xx

  • Full Body HIIT Pilates 003

    Equipment: 3lb hand weights (optional)
    In this 39 minute HIIT Pilates workout we work in 30 second intervals to tone the entire body with sculpt, mat Pilates, and cardio moves to get in an amazing sweat. This workout can be done with or without the hand weights! Enjoy xx

  • Full Body Cardio Pilates Sculpt 012

    Equipent: 5lb bumbbells
    In this Mils Method classic 34 minute workout we focus on toning the full body by combining elements of sculpt, mat Pilates, and quick cardio intervals. You're sure to get in a good sweat with this one! Enjoy xx

  • Full Body Cardio Strength

    Equipment: 10lb dumbbells, booty band
    We work in circuit style intervals and end with a classic butt and abs band burnout in this full body strength workout. Expect to strengthen your entire body while getting in a great sweat with quick cardio bursts. Enjoy xx

  • Full Body Pilates Sculpt 015

    Equipment: sliders, 3lb weights, booty band
    Sliders are BACK in this 50 minute full body burner. We combine elements of traditional mat Pilates and sculpt with light weights to tone and strengthen the arms, core, legs and booty. If you don't have sliders, feel free to wear socks or grab a towel. ...

  • 20 Minute Full Body Pilates Flow

    Equipment: none!
    We focus on lengthening and toning the full body in this quick 20 minute Pilates workout. This flow is beginner friendly and perfect if you've never tried mat Pilates before. I am not using any equipment in this class, but light ankle weights would be perfect if you'd like to fur...

  • Full Body HIIT Pilates 002

    Equipment: 5lb dumbbells, ankle weights
    In this 43 minute class we move through Pilates and sculpt circuits to tone the arms, legs, butt, and core while adding in cardio intervals to get your heart rate up. Equipment is optional. You're guaranteed to sweat in this one! Enjoy xx

  • Morning Power Pilates

    Equipment: none!
    In this 27 minute full body Pilates flow we focus on getting the body moving and starting the day on a positive note. This class is low impact and great for those who are new to Pilates or craving a bodyweight flow. Enjoy xx

  • Energizing Pilates Flow

    Equipment: 3 lb weights, ankle weights
    We focus on energizing the body and mind in this full body flow! Expect to lengthen, tone, and get in a little sweat with spurts of feel good cardio. This workout is all about recharging your batteries and focusing on you!

  • Full Body Pilates Sculpt 014

    Equipment: 3lb weights + booty band
    In this 40 minute low impact workout we focus on toning and lengthening the entire body. These workouts are my favorite because they're easy on the joints, while still providing a great sweat. This workout is friendly for all levels and equipment is optional. E...

  • Full Body HIIT Pilates

    Equipment: 3lb weights (optional)
    You guys are going to work up a sweat in this 35 minute full body burn! We work circuit style in 30 second intervals toning the arms, abs, legs and booty Pilates style while getting the heart rate up with my favorite cardio moves. I hope you guys enjoy xx

  • 30 Minute Feel Good Full Body Flow

    Equipment: none
    This full body flow includes a lot of stretching, breathing, spicy standing series to work the legs and glutes, along with a killer abs series and little bit of cardio to get those feel good endorphins going!

  • Full Body Pilates Sculpt 013

    Equipment: ankle weights (optional)
    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/27Nzw8Mq6CWUNVFsjJ8zhT?si=XfiZJPG4SZql_tQQFbn_nw
    Reset your entire body with this rejuvenating full body Pilates Sculpt class. In this format we focus on taking it slow (no cardio) and toning the arms, abs and booty. ...

  • Full Body Cardio Pilates Sculpt 011

    Equipment: 10lb dumbbells, 3lb dumbbells
    For my girls who want to build stronger legs & glutes, this class is for you! We start with a mat Pilates warm up, move into a strength series with heavier 10lb dumbbells focused on toning the legs and glutes, with a little upper body. We finish with a sim...

  • Full Body Pilates Sculpt 012

    Optional Equipment: Ankle weights
    This is the perfect low impact workout to do if you need a good stretch and have minimal equipment. We begin with a full body warm up, work through a table top Glute series and Pilates mat abs, then end with a quick arm burnout. Enjoy! xx

  • Full Body HIIT + Strength 009

    Equipment: 10lb dumbbells, booty band
    In this high intensity workout we tone the entire body (with emphasis on the legs and glutes) with a series of strength circuits, while getting the heart rate up with quick cardio intervals. This workout will definitely make you sweat! Make sure to participat...

  • Full Body HIIT 004

    In this full body HIIT workout we move through 3 different full body strength circuits with cardio bursts in between. This one will make you sweat!

  • Full Body Cardio Pilates Sculpt 010

    Equipment: 3lb hand weights (optional)
    This class combines elements of sculpt, mat Pilates, and quick cardio circuits to get in a killer sweat. Although this format moves a little bit faster, we still take time to focus on our breathing and stretch to lengthen out the body. We start with a mat pi...

  • Full Body Pilates Sculpt 011

    Equipment (optional): 3 lb hand weights, ankle weights
    In this full body Pilates Sculpt class we work the arms, abs, legs, and glutes by beginning with a table top Pilates booty series, toning the legs with a fast paced standing series, and finish with upper body and abs. Equipment is totally opt...

  • Full Body Standing Pilates Sculpt

    Equipment: no equipment
    In this low impact standing series we work the legs, glutes, abs, and arms using just our body weight. This series is great to do literally ANYWHERE–the park, beach, living room, or even just taking a quick 20 minute break from work at your desk! Feel free to add light ank...