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  • Lengthening Pilates Abs

    Equipment: none
    This class is your new go-to. 20 minutes of stretching, lengthening, breathing, and ABS. We move slow through this class and focus on connecting your mind, body, & breath. Enjoy xx

  • 5 Minute Ab Routine

    Equipment: none!
    My go to 5 minute ab routine. I love adding this workout onto a walk, run, or as a burn out. A quick burn that’s amazing for all levels!

  • 15 Minute Deep Pilates Core

    Equipment: none
    This 15 minute workout focusing on deep core exercises is crucial to building a great foundation for strong abs. This workout is low impact, suitable for all levels, and pairs great with a long walk. Enjoy! Xx

  • 12 Minute Abs

    Equipment: none
    We focus just on toning the abs in this 12 minute core circuit style quickie. I love pairing this workout with a long walk! Enjoy xx

  • Cardio Pilates ABS

    Equipment: none!
    This 38 minute MM class focuses on strengthening the core with mat Pilates abs exercises and quick cardio circuits to build endurance and get in a great sweat. Enjoy!

  • 13 Minute Hourglass Abs

    This workout is a quick killer! This is my GO TO ab sequence and includes all of my abdominal building staples. Love doing this workout when I'm short on time or pairing it with a walk or run. It's equipment free so you can do it anywhere, any time! Enjoy xx

  • Side Body Flow

    Equipment: none!
    In this low impact, gentle Pilates flow we target the obliques and outer glutes to get in some side body work. This class is slow and very intentional!

  • 20 Minute Lengthening Abs

    Equipment: none
    This quick series focuses on strengthening the abdominals while lengthening out the body. You can expect lots of breath work and full body stretching in this core focused quickie!

  • Abs Pilates Sculpt

    Equipment: none
    We are serving serious CORE in this 25 minute flow! All low impact and focused on strengthening and toning the abdominals. This class does move at a faster pace and you're sure to work up a quick little sweat. Love pairing this workout with a walk, run, or quick jump rope session....

  • Mini Ball Core Burn

    Carve your abdominals with this core burner using just the Pilates mini ball. I absolutely love using the mini to target the core specifically! If you don't have a ball, you can always grab a fluffy pillow, but I linked the ball I use below ($10 and I've had mine for over a year). This workout is...

  • Mini Ball Abs + Inner Thigh Flow

    In this Pilates Sculpt style class we focus on strengthening the abdominals and inner thighs by using the Pilates Mini Ball. You can also use a roll of paper towels or a thick pillow if you do not have a ball.

  • Quick Strong Pilates Abs

    Work deep I not your core muscles with this quick mat Pilates flow. This workout is perfect to do when you just need 10 minutes of movement or want to get in a little extra core work at the end of your workout.

  • 10 Minute Ab Burnout

    This workout is perfect for after a run or when you want to get in a little extra ab work. You can do this workout equipment free, but you have a dumbbell, add it for an extra push!

  • Quick Low Impact Abs 001

    This workout features traditional mat pilates abs series for a phenomenal core workout. Low impact and easy on the joints. This is perfect if you just have a quick 5 minutes or pair this with a run, walk, bike ride, or any other short series of your choice.

  • Core + Inner Thighs

    Quick flow emphasizing the inner thighs and core. No equipment needed!

  • Waistline Focused Cardio Pilates Flow

    This cardio Pilates flow works the entire body, but focuses primarily on strengthening the obliques. If you have trouble targeting this area of your abdominals, this flow is for you!