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Watch this video and more on MILS METHOD

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Chill Arms and Abs Pilates Sculpt



  • Arms & Abs HIIT Pilates

    Equipment: 3lb weights, optional pilates ball
    In this 30 minute HIIT Pilates class we focus on toning the upper body and abs with quick cardio bursts working in 30 second intervals. This workout will definitely work up a sweat! If you do not have a Pilates ball, you can use a paper towel roll, th...

  • 30 Min Arms & Abs Cardio Pilates Sculpt

    Equipment: 3lb weights (optional)
    This 30 minute Cardio Pilates Sculpt class focuses on toning the upper body with quick cardio intervals in between sculpting series. Time will fly by in this class and is great if you need to get those feel good endorphins going!

  • 20 Minute Arms & Abs Cardio Sculpt Ci...

    Equipment: 5lb dumbbells
    This quick 20 minute push focuses on toning the arms and abs while adding in a few cardio moves to get in a good sweat! We work circuit style here in 45 second on and 15 second off intervals, then finish with a bodyweight arms series.

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